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Dr. Andrew Marso
It’s easy to take your feet for granted when everything is functioning as it is supposed to with no problems. When issues do arise, though, they cause pain, embarrassment, dysfunction, and keep you from your favorite activities. Far too many people try to ignore these issues or hope they’ll go away in time, but there is no need to live with foot pain!

If you are seeking professional treatment for any foot or ankle condition, Dr. Andrew Marso and our team at Wisconsin Foot Center is here to help. We provide comprehensive medical services to address lower limb injuries and conditions for residents in our greater Hales Corners, WI community.

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We Get You Back to Your Favorite Activities

It’s bad enough that you are experiencing pain and discomfort, but having a hurting heel or an injured ankle is also going to keep you away from your favorite activities. Your quality of life is important, both to you and to us. We want you to be able to do the things you love.

Fortunately, we are able to address many foot and ankle conditions effectively with the use of conservative (nonsurgical) treatment. Dr. Andrew Marso can perform expert surgical procedures when necessary, but our goal is to always use conservative methods first. Only if these do not provide relief do we consider surgery.

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Our Doctor

Wisconsin Foot Center is led by Dr. Andrew Marso. Dr. Marso is a podiatrist who specializes in providing treatment for an array of lower limb injuries and conditions, including heel pain, sports injuries, and ingrown toenails. He has numerous conservative treatment options to remedy foot and ankle problems, and is also board-certified in surgical procedures.

Dr. Andrew Marso is Wisconsin Foot Center’s sole practitioner. As a podiatrist, he has treated thousands of feet and performed hundreds of surgical procedures.

Prior to establishing his private practice, Dr. Marso undertook rigorous podiatric training with special focus on diabetic wound and limb salvage. He performed his medical residency in the VA Black Hills Healthcare System and surgical residency in the Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System, under the guidance of podiatric and vascular surgeons.

Dr. Marso participates regularly in continuing education and maintains professional memberships in the following organizations:

When he is not helping patients reclaim active lives, Dr. Marso enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing.

Exceptional Foot and Ankle Care

Wisconsin Foot Center provides a wide range of effective foot and ankle treatments. This starts with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Andrew Marso’s experience allows him to easily identify the root cause of problems. After accurately diagnosing your condition, a custom treatment plan is developed for you. Treatment will depend on an array of factors, like the nature of the injury, its severity, and your ultimate goals. Some of the more common medical issues we resolve for our patients include fractures, ingrown toenails, and heel pain.

As noted earlier, we do use conservative care as much as possible. Sometimes, however, surgery is needed. This can be the case for progressive conditions like bunions and arthritis – when symptoms from these medical issues cause severe pain or lack of normal foot function.

Now that you know more about our practice, if you would like additional information or know you’re ready to request an appointment, our staff will be glad to help. Contact us today by calling (414) 425-8400.


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