Frequently Asked Questions

What types of insurance does Dr. Marso accept?
The Wisconsin Foot Center accepts most types of insurance.
Will Dr. Marso take x-rays in his office or will I be required to go somewhere else for that?
We are able to take most necessary x-rays of your feet and ankles in right our office. Sometimes a special type of modality is needed such as an MRI or CT scan. In that case, we will gladly help you schedule an appointment with our preferred radiology lab to get the appropriate imaging for your condition.
Does Dr. Marso perform surgery on his patients?

Yes, he will perform minor surgical procedures (ingrown toenail, ulcer debridement, etc.) in the office. Other more extensive surgical procedures are normally done on an outpatient basis at Wheaton Franciscan and the Wisconsin Surgery Center.

How often does Medicare pay for diabetic shoes?
One pair per calendar year.
How much is laser fungus treatment? Does it require more than one treatment?
The cost of laser treatment for fungus depends on the number of toes that require treatment and the severity of the fungus present. This and the approximate number of visits can be determined at your initial exam and consultation appointment.
Does Dr. Marso accept same day emergency appointments?
Dr. Marso makes sure that there is time allotted in his schedule each day for emergencies during his regular office hours.
Do you dispense diabetic shoes in the office?
Yes, we do participate in the Medicare diabetic shoe program. We are able to order Dr. Comfort and Dav Mar shoes for you. We have display samples of these shoes in our office for you to view before ordering.

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