Ugly Toes
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If you have toes that are bent, you have a problem.  Toes are to be straight and easy on the eyes.  However, it’s not fun if you are embarrassed to take off your socks, or wear sandals out of fear that someone will ask about your crooked toes.  Worse yet if they make fun of the odd way your toes lay. 
There is a name for the condition you are dealing with – hammertoes.  Hammertoesoccur mainly in your second, third or fourth toes.  The toes it affects are bent at the middle joint and cause it to look like a hammer. 
Hammertoes come in two types, which are flexible and rigid.  Flexible hammertoes are moveable at the joint and treatable because they are still in the developing stage.  However, rigid hammertoes are serious as the tendons have become tight and the joint immobile. 
Causes for the condition can range from wearing the wrong footwear to a muscle imbalance.  If you have hammertoes, your toe tendon and joints are put under pressure, which causes the bending of the toe.  You may experience pain at the top of the bent toe from the pressure of your shoes, redness, swelling and pain at the ball of the foot and toes.     
Treatment for hammertoes will depend on their severity.  Finding shoeswith roomy toe boxes can help, along with cushions.  You can stretch and strengthen your toe muscles by exercising them.  Dr. Andy Marso can give you some tips on what types of exercises will help.  For severe cases, surgery may be the best option.    
If you, or someone you know, is dealing with hammertoes call Dr. Marso at (414) 425-8400 to schedule an appointment.  He can examine your condition and help ease your pain.  Don’t hesitate, but call today.    

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