Calluses are patches of hardened skin that develop on the bottom of the foot. Calluses are rough and sometimes painful.


Ill-fitting footwear, especially problematic in an athletic environment, is the most common cause of calluses. As the skin rubs against the wall of the shoe, the tissues underneath grow irritated. The skin thickens to protect them.


Dr. Marso offers care for calluses of all sizes. For some cases, he may recommend home care remedies. Options include:

  • Over-the-counter removers.
  • Medicated foot soaks.
  • Non-medicated foam pads or moleskin.
  • Prescribed medications.
  • Cortisone injections.

In more severe cases, Dr. Marso may perform in-office removal. In all cases, athletes should check to ensure their sports footwear fits properly. Orthotic devices may also be desirable for extra support, in addition to socks with extra-thick toes and heels.

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