Start Fungal Toenail Treatment Now (If You Want Clearer Nails by Summer)

by | Nov 17, 2017

Toenail fungus is quite embarrassing and makes you self-conscious about wearing sandals and open-toed shoes or walking barefoot… Wait a second, it’s November and you live in Wisconsin – why should you be thinking about sandals and open-toed shoes right now? Well, sure, it is likely going to get very cold soon and no one considers our winters to be “sandal weather,” but you need to think ahead if you have a case of toenail fungus. Fungal nail infections are stubborn. Once the fungal spores responsible for the discoloration have found a home in your toenail and its nailbed, they don’t want to go anywhere. Because the nail itself protects the fungus, eradicating it can be difficult. Fortunately, “difficult” is not “impossible!” At Wisconsin Foot Center, we treat a wide range of issues in the lower limbs for our many patients from across southeastern Wisconsin. This means we have lots of experience dealing with this—and other—foot problems and can help you understand what to expect from fungal toenail treatment. One thing you will need to keep in mind when having a case of toenail fungus treated is the simple fact it’s going to take some time. The reason for this is your new, clear nail tissue will take time to grow. That means if you want clear toenails for spring and summer, the time to begin treatment is now! The good news is that we’ve been able to help many patients overcome toenail fungus with treatment options like:
  • Topical medication. More commonly used for mild infections, topical medications include creams, lotions, powders, sprays, and nail lacquers. These topical solutions attack the fungus from the outside in, which means they might not be able to reach fungus residing under infected nails.
  • Oral medication. Sometimes, we prescribe pills which deliver antifungal medication via the bloodstream. This is able to reach the fungus topical medications cannot, but it’s important to know some patients may have side effects from this treatment (as is the case with virtually any kind of oral medication).
  • Laser therapy. Technological advances have given us a third, better option for fungal nail care – laser therapy. We are pleased to have an FDA-approved laser at our office to restore your nails to health. Laser treatment for fungal nails uses concentrated light beams (lasers) to specifically target the offensive fungus, while causing no damage at all to your normal tissue.
An important consideration with all types of toenail fungus treatment is your role. We can put together the plan, but it’s up to you to follow the directions for consistent use of medication and take measures—keeping feet dry and clean, trimming toenails properly, protecting feet in public areas—to prevent reinfection. If the treatment is working, you should see new, healthy nail tissue start to grow from the base of nail over the course of a few months. The old, infected nail will begin to grow out and can be gradually clipped away. Make sure you follow our instructions with regard to how long to continue treatment. Stopping too early can result in the infection returning (which will then require additional treatment). For more information about this—or any other foot issue—contact our Hales Corner office by calling (414) 425-8400. While on the phone, be sure to schedule an appointment so we can start restoring your nails back to health!

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