English: children flat feet
English: children flat feet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kids say the darndest things, but “ouch” should not be one.
Watching your children grow is one of the most exciting things a parent can do. It can also be terrifying when you start to notice that something may be wrong. As children  grow rapidly within their first year of life, their feet grow and change as well. A lot of foot pain and issues that adults have can be traced back to their childhood, so it is important to watch closely as your child grows in order to have early detection.
Flat feet are one of the most common conditions noticed in kids as they are starting to walk. This is a normal condition that the child will usually outgrow and should be painless. However, any pain associated with a child’s flat feet should be immediately evaluated, as it could be a sign of something more complicated. 
One symptom of flat feet is overpronation of the foot and ankle, which will cause the child to be more prone to pain and injury as they grow. If you are concerned about the noticeable lack of arches in your child’s feet, talking to a podiatrist about orthodics is a painless treatment option. 
Another common foot  condition is “toe walking”. This is most-likely a condition attributed to the child just learning how to walk. Although toe walking has has associated with certain neurological disorders like autism or muscular dystrophy, experts say that it is more than likely a habit that will also be out-grown. Parents should try to make sure that toe walking does not cause shortening of the Achilles Tendon, as this will cause pain and stiffness and may require surgery later in life. 
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