Corns & Calluses


Corns and callouses are hardened areas of skin that develop from the friction of bone, skin and shoe rubbing against each other. As the skin’s surface thickens, the tissue underneath grows irritated.

Both corns and calluses develop the same way but in different areas. Calluses affect the bottom of the foot. They are universally rough and sometimes painful.

Corns affect the sides of the foot and toes. They are nearly always painful and feature a hard core surrounded by soft, inflamed skin. Corns that develop between the toes may be even softer, more like sores.


The most common cause of corns and calluses is ill-fitting footwear, followed by other toe deformities such as claw toe or hammertoe.


Dr. Marso treats corns and calluses of all sizes. For some, he may recommend home care remedies and over-the-counter foam pads. For others, he may opt for an in-office removal procedure.

In all cases, examination is necessary to determine the proper method of care. Patients should not attempt in-home treatments without consulting Dr. Marso first.