MLS Laser for Your Pain

by | Dec 27, 2018

The technology that’s available to us is simply amazing!

Here at Wisconsin Foot Center, we utilize the latest and most advanced techniques to optimize treatment outcomes. These new procedures and technologies impact outcomes and result in less time recovering, less cost, and less pain. Wisconsin Foot Center presents the various treatment options for specific foot issues and, together with the patient, decides the best individual podiatric plan of care. We are excited to offer the groundbreaking treatment option of multiwave locked system laser (MLS Laser) to effectively reduce pain and inflammation.

MLS Laser for Pain Management

Multiwave Locked System Laser (MLS laser) is an extremely effective way to control pain, improve recovery and get you back out there in no time!

One of the main objections we hear is that our patients are often skeptical of anything involving laser. We understand this completely. Lasers aren’t something we typically associate with health care, let alone pain management.

The difference here is that all lasers are not created equal. Some, such as industrial varieties, are so strong and intense that they can be used to cut through solid materials. Others, like the kind you use to exercise your cat when you want to entertain yourself, have no ability to do any damage. MLS laser is stronger than a simple laser pointer but much weaker than an industrial strength laser. As a result, we can use MLS laser to stimulate your feet to improve your recovery time.

What do we mean by that?

Essentially, MLS laser applies a warming sensation to your feet. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it has some significant effects.

The warming sensation we apply to your feet with MLS laser stimulates your body, resulting in a faster recovery time. A few sessions with MLS laser stimulate the cells around your inflamed or sore area and the body works to provide more nutrients and resources for your cells to heal themselves. Thus, we can use MLS laser to target areas of the body for this stimulation to have the body heal itself more quickly.

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What Can MLS Laser Treat?

We can use MLS laser therapy to treat pain and inflammation associated with a variety of conditions, included but not limited to:

What’s the Recovery Time Like?

MLS laser’s greatest benefit is that it doesn’t require a lengthy recovery time. There are a lot of quality options we can offer you for pained and inflamed feet and few of them are going to fit in your life as well as MLS laser. Depending on the issue, we might recommend bunion surgery, which usually comes with at least a week or two of recovery time.

Contrast that time with MLS laser. We don’t prescribe any recovery time for this treatment option and most of our patients have multiple 15-minute sessions over a few weeks! (We’re sure that most of our patients have plenty of other things to do and we’re excited to offer a treatment that doesn’t interfere with their daily lives.)

Will I Experience Any Pain During Treatment?

In our time in practice, we’ve noticed that many patients are extremely concerned about the pain they might experience from a procedure. This is a perfectly normal and rational concern. After all, pain is what brought you in to see us in the first place. You don’t want the treatment to be worse than the problem itself!

Once again, you’ll be pleased to hear that MLS laser therapy is virtually pain free. Most of our patients have no problem withstanding treatment. You might find that you experience a slight warming sensation, but most patients don’t mind this at all. Of course, there are some cases where a patient might experience some soreness, but this usually resides within a day or so. In our experience, most of our patients are just so glad to be rid of their inflammation or foot pain that they aren’t bothered by this at all!

What Other Benefits Does MLS Laser Offer?

This list below is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good starting point to give you a rundown on some more pros of this type of treatment.

  • MLS laser is anti-inflammatory. A few treatments with our laser technician will reduce the inflammation associated with the condition causing it. This results in healing scars and closing wounds quickly, thus lowering your risk of infection.
  • MLS laser increases your metabolic activity. MLS laser treatments boost your metabolic processes and help deliver oxygen and other key nutrients to your damaged cells. This increased metabolic activity also results in cells absorbing and processing nutrients more efficiently too!
  • MLS laser improves immune function. Laser treatments stimulate a number of key factors in immune health, among them immunoglobins and lymphocytes. Granted, we’re not telling you to come see our technician in order to get you through flu season, but this is still good news for your recovery!

If you are suffering or unable to perform your daily activities, please feel free to contact our Hales Corners office by calling (414) 425-8400 or take advantage of our online form to request an appointment.

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