Pediatric Feet

baby feet

Children’s feet grow quickly and require specific care. Cultivating strong, healthy feet early in life can prevent many medical and self-esteem problems later.


A baby’s feet change rapidly over the first year of life. Infant feet are very flexible; caregivers should take care not to apply pressure or strain. Babies should be able to kick and stretch their feet freely. Shoes, if worn, should be loose-fitting and soft.


Toddler should not be forced to walk before they are ready. When a toddler does begin walking, his/her gait should be observed regularly to ensure normal progression. Some amount of pigeon-toed walking, or balancing on the heel, is to be expected. If any unusual gait is observed, consult a podiatrist right away.

Older Children

A growing child changes shoe size frequently. Children should wear properly-fitting shoes with plenty of room for their toes. Hand-me-down shoes, which may be worn-out or misshapen, should be avoided.

Foot Conditions

Common pediatric foot problems include:

Dr. Marso can treat these and other conditions effectively. The earlier a condition is caught and treated, the greater the chance the child will experience normal foot health in adulthood.